Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Last Friday as I was driving, I was having a quiet moment with God (in a not so quiet car)! God said something to me, before I knew it I was saying out loud and asking Madison to write it down.
This morning as I was texting a friend who is gracious to pray for me. I told her sometimes it is hard to see through the clouds-God reminded me again of what he said to me on Friday.
Sometimes when God talks I don't know if it is just for me, or for someone else. Usually he repeats himself (a lot) until I listen. So I know I am supposed to post this because while it was for me, it wasn't just for me!

You may not understand My plan.....

The light through the clouds you might not see....

Always remember, there is no greater plan....

Then the plan found in ME.......

Friday, January 22, 2010

"The" table

This is "IT".......

(this post begins below)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

God Cares About the Details!

This morning as I was reading my bible I was reminded of how God cares about the details of our lives. God has answered many of my hearts desires, before they were even prayers, before I even thought to ask.....He provided!

When Madison was born, Jody and I needed to purchase a new table. Thankfully Jody did most of the work and narrowed the selection down to a couple of pieces he thought I would like. He hit the mark! The kitchen table you see above was perfect! I loved it! It was heavy stone, antiqued, and perfect. It was wonderful, beautiful, and worked.....for about 20 months. Then Jarred was born. The table fit four and very quickly there were 5 of us.

The table no longer served our family, but it was a kitchen table and not a must. We used a folding chair to accommodate all of us, but knew eventually it would be nice to replace it. I occasionally looked on Craigslists for a replacement. We had a very big dining room table so it wasn't a "have to".

Back in April, I was surfing Craigslist and there "IT" was! The table! It was perfect! I drooled, then drooled some more. I called Jody and left him a voice mail. I emailed a copy of the table to a friend so she could drool with me! When Jody called I happily told him I found "THE" table. It was on Craigslist waiting to come home! It was "THE" table we wanted! I was doing the happy dance and celebrating. Then came my reality-most days it comes in the form of Jody, he had one question. One simple question, the one question I didn't want him to ask- "How much was the table?" It wasn't the table, it was "THE" table! The truth was the table was more than we currently had in the "table fund". I stopped dancing, wiped the drool from my chin, and asked what he would like me to do. Jody suggested I get more details about the table to make sure it was a good deal.

Research only confirmed what I knew, that Jody just didn't seem to understand! The table and chairs were not only beautiful, they were also an AMAZING deal! Now I was really sold! It truly was "THE" table! I called Jody at work, to tell him (sell him) on the table. He had a suggestion (that I didn't like). He suggested I email the owner and let her know the amount I could pay. I thought he had lost his mind! What was he talking about?? My plan was for him to pay the difference. It was a VERY reasonable price, a great deal! I would love to say I said "Yes dear" hung up the phone and did as my husband asked, but I can't.....because I didn't.

I researched a little more and sent Jody and email. He is so wise, he just didn't have enough information. I just needed to send him more details in order for him to know this was "THE" table!! I sent an email with all the extra information to help him see what I already knew! It was a great deal, and we didn't want to pass it up!

A few minutes later God entered the picture (as He so faithfully does). I realized it was easy for me to submit when I agree. What about when I don't? What about when I REALLY, REALLY, want something. What about when I know what a great deal something is? I was really convicted about what I had done. I was not trusting or submitting to Jody. I was not showing I trusted his wisdom, or his care for me. Let alone God's!! I sent Jody another email and asked him to please disregard the previous email. I let him know I would do exactly what he had asked me to do in the first place.

I emailed the seller as Jody suggested. She responded, she already had someone coming to look at the chairs. She offered the table for the amount I offered but I knew I had not found "The" table. It was not meant to be. I was surprised that I was not more disappointed, but I was fine. God was gracious, he gave me an opportunity to submit knowing that HIS plan is ALWAYS better than mine! I sent one last email and thanked the seller. I let her know that was great deal, but I couldn't use the table without the chairs. It wasn't something we "had" to have, just something I would like to have. I let her know if for some reason the deal fell through we would give her table a good home and closed the computer. That afternoon as I was walking out the door I said out loud to God "It is important to you that we sit together. You know we use our kitchen table more than any other. I am going to trust you that when the timing is right you will provide". That was the end of that (or so I thought)!

A couple of months later the kids and I are were headed out of town. As I was packing up my lap top up I received an email. It was the seller. Her deal had fallen through. She had kept my email and asked if I was still interested. "What"? She was willing to accept the amount I offered- "What"?. I wrote down her info and proceeded to drive to St. Pete. Jody asked me to call and get the specifics, he and a friend could go by that night. The seller and I played phone tag but we finally talked. She wasn't able to coordinate with the previous person and had kept my email. I let her know that Jody would call and look at/pick up the table.

That evening when Jody called he informed me had a couple of strange conversations with the owner. He knew what she was having for dinner. The activities her kids were involved in, but couldn't get a time to look at the table. Jody continued to try to make arrangements with no success. When I arrived back in town she called out of the blue and gave us a very small window to come and see the table, and pick it up. At this point my realistic husband is questioning the safety of going and probably the sanity of his wife:)!

We went. It was love at first site! It was "The" perfect table. Jody and Tyler loaded it in our trailer, and brought "The" table to it's new home.

I placed our kitchen table on Craigslist. I had one inquiry. I had one offer. She came to look at it, fell in love. "IT" was now her perfect table.

Every time we sit down to eat or I walk by the kitchen I am soooo reminded of how God cares about the details of my life. He cares about my hearts desires. I am in awe of a God who would provide something so small, yet so great! I am amazed at his grace for my family, for the way he has knitted us together. I am amazed at his care for me.

When I began this walk I had no idea of the great adventures God had in store for me. I am amazed at the treasures he has shown and the future he has in store for us. I know God is real and living! He can, and will make himself known in ways that we will never understand! In ways that affect our hearts and speak directly to us. My walk isn't going to look like any one's, but my own. I know that I am loved, that I am forgiven. I have been promised a treasure that is far better than any I could have ever planned for myself.

I will post a picture of our new table tomorrow. We have had it for months, so it isn't so new. But, how God could use a kitchen table to confirm his care and love for me- will never get old!