Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Things Madison is Thankful for today!

These are the things I am thankful for:

Mrs. Olsen gave me a card and it was very nice!

I saw two of my friends today, that was fun!

I was very thankful for my brothers today.

Me and my mommy baked some bread-p.s. I made it. I messed up on the bread on accident and mommy didn't care.

I am thankful for my daddy even though I haven't seen him yet.

I am thankful for Jesus that he died on the cross.

Love Madison

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Thoughts From Little Ones & Not So Little Ones (over the weekend)

Jarred- Mom, Mr. Olsen is so nice.
Mom- What makes him so nice?
Jarred- I don't know he is just really nice!
Madison (interjects)- I think it is because he doesn't have a temper.
Mom- Who do you know who has a temper? (I hope this answer isn't Mom)!
Madison- Well, I don't really know what a temper is but I don't think he has one!!


Jarred- Mom, I think I am going to start treating my room like it's my room and not like it's a dump!!


Madison- Mom, I really, really feel sorry for Mr. Watt.
Mom- Why?
Madison- He has that whole yard to cut. They do have a riding lawn mower but that is a lot!
Mom- I think Jonathan cuts it.
Madison- Oh, O.K.

Tyler- Mom, I think we should have fillet minon for dinner (not sure he has ever had it).
Mom- I know you do, son!
Tyler- Mom, my wife is really going to need to know how to cook (running theme with Tyler).

Tyler- Mom I think in the importance of things my wife should be godly then I will need to make sure she knows how to cook-(we have a lot of conversations about food)!


Jarred- Mom, I think this song on my radio isn't appropriate!!
Mom- Did you change the station?
Jarred- No! It is still on the christian station but this lady is singing that we should be HAPPY that Jesus died on the cross!!
Mom- Jarred if Jesus did not die on the cross we would not have salvation so we can be happy that he would do that for us.
Jarred- Mom, I understand but we should be sad too!
Mom- Yes Jarred. What he did should make us sad too! But the song is appropriate and we can leave it on.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

My boyfriends back!

My wonderful husband is headed home TODAY!! Jody has been out of town for only a couple of days, but he has been gone for some portion of the week, for almost a month now. In between traveling he came down with a pretty bad case of bronchitis. Which means, while he was home he has been recuperating. He has still been working which meant he needed to sleep when he was home, in order to be well enough to travel again. Sickness + traveling = it seems that he hasn't really been home in a month.

God reveals a lot to me when Jody is sick or his back is out. Sometimes, I think Jody is sick or is in pain so God can work out my lack of compassion (isn't he lucky to have married me :})! I am amazed at how sinful my heart is! God uses all things for HIS glory (even my husband's bronchitis)! God has shown me that I can be compassionate when it doesn't interfere with my plans, or even if it just a short spell. But after a couple of days a dark ugly cloud of selfishness reigns over me! I quickly forget how very dear my husband is to me! I forget this is the precious man that God hand picked for me! How quickly I forget HE used him in a very real way to bring salvation to us, both. I am humbled by God's care for me. He loves me enough to bring this to my attention. HE loves me enough to convict me of my sin. I am also aware of his care for me in conviction. At the same time God reveals my sin to me he gives me hope, mostly through his word and accountability partners. But, this time has been different. One of my favorite blogs is dealing with the same issue that keeps rearing it's ugly sinful head in my life.

Sometimes I stare at my husband in awe and amazement. He truly loves me with all his heart. It is a kind of love that I have never experienced! It is a giddy love that has continued for almost 9 years, now. What gets me is God's real presence in our marriage and how unworthy Jody and I are for all he has done! As much as Jody loves me my savior loves me so much more! When I sit and stare at Jody it is because I cannot fathom that kind of love. HE sent his son to die on the cross for me! I can try with my feeble mind to understand, but until I am in heaven, meeting my father face to face, I will not understand. I am not capable of comprehending that kind of love. It is overwhelming for me to even try!

God has been good and he is bringing my husband home. I am SO very thankful for HIS love and care for me (even if it comes in the form of bronchitis)! My husband is better and I have made (a very small amount of) progress in this one sinful area. I am more aware of my need for a savior and where I would be without one!

But God is good! Madison woke up this morning not feeling well with a cough that sounds a little like a dog barking (a cute little dog, but a dog). HE might be giving me another opportunity. An opportunity to serve my family, to show compassion, and to put to death my selfish desires of doing what I would like.

He is so very good to me and to our family


Saturday, May 17, 2008

Plan B

The weather didn't cooperate with our plans of going to the beach. Our afternoon turned out kind of crazy. Jarred went to play with a friend, Tyler went to work, and Madison had a friend over. Unfortunely Madison's friend had to endure about 2 hours of errands in order to get the ultimate reward (a day of play on a slip-n-slide). The girls have sore tummies this morning from running and sliding on it for hours, but boy did they have fun!

So this morning I am thankful to God for relationships! Our children have friends that God is using to help work on their little hearts. Our kids (even at their young ages) have sometimes been forced to work on deeper relationships with a few people,rather than surface relationship with lots of people.

Tyler (our oldest) has a whopping total of 5 boys his age at church. They are all totally different. They all have their stengths and I am sure have their weaknesses, but they are a bunch of young men that are growing in grace. I pray for them! I pray for their relationships with one another and with their parents. I pray that they will be warriors for Christ! I pray that what they are learning from one another will bring Glory to God. I pray that when the world has all it has to offer, that isn't good, they will have each other to point them back to the cross. I pray they will have the support and accountability they are going to need.

God has been very good to Jody and I. He has given us a small church that is the perfect size to pick up a friend last minute. He has been gracious to allow us to homeschool,even when some of us (me), weren't really interested! My kids have relationships with their cousins and their friends that are going to benefit them in this walk with the Lord. We are blessed beyond measure! I am so thankful to God for everything he has done in our lives and in the lives of our children. We are truly blessed!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Comments from the oldest

Mom all I have to say is- AWESOME!!

Sleeping in
No school
More time for friends and everything else.

This ROCKS!!!


Summer, really?

It is here,we are officially starting summer tomorrow! What exactly does that mean when you have a mom that is a little task orientated? I need to release but I also understand idle hands can lead to possible bickering and too much time on the PlayStation! So for us, the Crotsley Crew, that is going to be a little interesting this year. So far I have decided no school on Friday! That is reserved for beach days and those fun errands (Costco, Sam's, Wal-mart)! We will need to continue to do math (we don't want their brains too mushy). We will need to read- you really can't stop reading! If I could just get them to not want to read all things star wars (even Maddy)! Solution -Mom going to the library more, kids going to the library less. I will pick up books for them, maybe 3 good books for every 1 super hero/star wars book. We need to stay with our time line cards (I can't imagine relearning those). We probably need some kind of handwriting (just to keep little fingers remembering the right formation). Not sure what the summer looks like for Tyler-hmmm lots of reading????

The kids can wake up anytime they choose, that will be really hard for me, hate to see the day wasted on sleep (not sure how that works for Tyler because of Harley). They can take their time doing their school and morning chores but can't have any real privileges until they are done (hopefully that will lead to self motivation-mom release! Don't mention what hasn't been done -if their friends call they will just have to decline the invitation) .

So it is here in writing, Mom is going to release. Kids did you get that? Summer is starting! That means that if I start adding to your curriculum you can tell Dad (forewarning though, he probably won't be opposed to you learning more)!

Love Mom

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Jarred's thoughts

At first I didn't know what a blog was, but now I think it is pretty cool. I hope my granny will see it, and like it. I just want her to know that I love her.