Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Thoughts From Little Ones & Not So Little Ones (over the weekend)

Jarred- Mom, Mr. Olsen is so nice.
Mom- What makes him so nice?
Jarred- I don't know he is just really nice!
Madison (interjects)- I think it is because he doesn't have a temper.
Mom- Who do you know who has a temper? (I hope this answer isn't Mom)!
Madison- Well, I don't really know what a temper is but I don't think he has one!!


Jarred- Mom, I think I am going to start treating my room like it's my room and not like it's a dump!!


Madison- Mom, I really, really feel sorry for Mr. Watt.
Mom- Why?
Madison- He has that whole yard to cut. They do have a riding lawn mower but that is a lot!
Mom- I think Jonathan cuts it.
Madison- Oh, O.K.

Tyler- Mom, I think we should have fillet minon for dinner (not sure he has ever had it).
Mom- I know you do, son!
Tyler- Mom, my wife is really going to need to know how to cook (running theme with Tyler).

Tyler- Mom I think in the importance of things my wife should be godly then I will need to make sure she knows how to cook-(we have a lot of conversations about food)!


Jarred- Mom, I think this song on my radio isn't appropriate!!
Mom- Did you change the station?
Jarred- No! It is still on the christian station but this lady is singing that we should be HAPPY that Jesus died on the cross!!
Mom- Jarred if Jesus did not die on the cross we would not have salvation so we can be happy that he would do that for us.
Jarred- Mom, I understand but we should be sad too!
Mom- Yes Jarred. What he did should make us sad too! But the song is appropriate and we can leave it on.


GraceFullMom said...

She's right- he doesn't have much of a temper. :) That's so cute. I also love that Jonathan doesn't deserve sympathy like John would. LOL

We love you, Crotsley!

-]~W:I:L:L~[- said...

very very funny! Keep posting!