Thursday, May 15, 2008

Summer, really?

It is here,we are officially starting summer tomorrow! What exactly does that mean when you have a mom that is a little task orientated? I need to release but I also understand idle hands can lead to possible bickering and too much time on the PlayStation! So for us, the Crotsley Crew, that is going to be a little interesting this year. So far I have decided no school on Friday! That is reserved for beach days and those fun errands (Costco, Sam's, Wal-mart)! We will need to continue to do math (we don't want their brains too mushy). We will need to read- you really can't stop reading! If I could just get them to not want to read all things star wars (even Maddy)! Solution -Mom going to the library more, kids going to the library less. I will pick up books for them, maybe 3 good books for every 1 super hero/star wars book. We need to stay with our time line cards (I can't imagine relearning those). We probably need some kind of handwriting (just to keep little fingers remembering the right formation). Not sure what the summer looks like for Tyler-hmmm lots of reading????

The kids can wake up anytime they choose, that will be really hard for me, hate to see the day wasted on sleep (not sure how that works for Tyler because of Harley). They can take their time doing their school and morning chores but can't have any real privileges until they are done (hopefully that will lead to self motivation-mom release! Don't mention what hasn't been done -if their friends call they will just have to decline the invitation) .

So it is here in writing, Mom is going to release. Kids did you get that? Summer is starting! That means that if I start adding to your curriculum you can tell Dad (forewarning though, he probably won't be opposed to you learning more)!

Love Mom


-]~W:I:L:L~[- said...

My mom needs to read this.

~William Thomas

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Colleen Moore said...


I just sent my very first email to you...amazed at the similarities of multiple areas of our lives, and now I read your blog and find even more similarities! Too cool!

Our summer looks a lot like yours, so any time you want to meet at the library or do some other fun thing let us know!