Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Things Madison is Thankful for today!

These are the things I am thankful for:

Mrs. Olsen gave me a card and it was very nice!

I saw two of my friends today, that was fun!

I was very thankful for my brothers today.

Me and my mommy baked some bread-p.s. I made it. I messed up on the bread on accident and mommy didn't care.

I am thankful for my daddy even though I haven't seen him yet.

I am thankful for Jesus that he died on the cross.

Love Madison


GraceFullMom said...

I loved your hug today, Madison! It was a WONDERFUL way to start my Sunday worship. :) You are a blessing to Mrs. O!!

Karah said...

madison your blog is awsome that post was great i want you to come over karah
p.s.please please please come over