Thursday, May 15, 2008

Comments from the oldest

Mom all I have to say is- AWESOME!!

Sleeping in
No school
More time for friends and everything else.

This ROCKS!!!



jcrotsley said...

Your impression of sleeping in and my impression of you sleeping in may be two different things. I envision you being able to sleep in for another 1/2 hour (until 7:15)


-]~W:I:L:L~[- said...

Hi, it's William...glad to see all of you finally got a blog! I'm probably going 2 get 1 soon too. Can't wait for more posts! BTW would you like to learn some html?

Armga Family said...

Summer Fun

   Sleeping In ≠ general expectations to wake up at 11:00AM.

   No School ≤ life is education, somedays it lacks the comfort of "structure".

   More time to help the family ↔ help around the house ... and everything else ....

Uncle John

jnscrotsley said...

Uncle John,

I don't know why I can't come live with you since you understand that a young man just wants to sleep in!