Saturday, May 17, 2008

Plan B

The weather didn't cooperate with our plans of going to the beach. Our afternoon turned out kind of crazy. Jarred went to play with a friend, Tyler went to work, and Madison had a friend over. Unfortunely Madison's friend had to endure about 2 hours of errands in order to get the ultimate reward (a day of play on a slip-n-slide). The girls have sore tummies this morning from running and sliding on it for hours, but boy did they have fun!

So this morning I am thankful to God for relationships! Our children have friends that God is using to help work on their little hearts. Our kids (even at their young ages) have sometimes been forced to work on deeper relationships with a few people,rather than surface relationship with lots of people.

Tyler (our oldest) has a whopping total of 5 boys his age at church. They are all totally different. They all have their stengths and I am sure have their weaknesses, but they are a bunch of young men that are growing in grace. I pray for them! I pray for their relationships with one another and with their parents. I pray that they will be warriors for Christ! I pray that what they are learning from one another will bring Glory to God. I pray that when the world has all it has to offer, that isn't good, they will have each other to point them back to the cross. I pray they will have the support and accountability they are going to need.

God has been very good to Jody and I. He has given us a small church that is the perfect size to pick up a friend last minute. He has been gracious to allow us to homeschool,even when some of us (me), weren't really interested! My kids have relationships with their cousins and their friends that are going to benefit them in this walk with the Lord. We are blessed beyond measure! I am so thankful to God for everything he has done in our lives and in the lives of our children. We are truly blessed!


LeeAndrew said...

Great blog. What a great idea to have your family blog together. I wish my family did stuff like that when I was younger, although there was no such thing as a blog when I was younger!

Karah said...

miss crotsley i love those pictures you took of me and maddy thank you for letting me spend the night


jnscrotsley said...

Anytime Kare Bear!! We always enjoy having you over.

Mrs. Crotsley

-]~W:I:L:L~[- said...

Your writing's really, really good Mrs. Crostley. You are right in assuming that us as young men have weaknesses, all of which are used to over time strengthen us. Tell Tyler to check out my blog!