Monday, June 9, 2008

The Pro's and Con's of Homeschooling

As this year is ending and next year changing so much for me (because I will attend a school two days a week) I thought I would list what I thought the Pro's and Con's of homeschooling are:

Food ( This one is probably one of the most important to me.) I have access to food anytime (well almost anytime) I would like. My lunches are much better because they are made right here!
Pace It is really nice to work at my own pace. Usually I went ahead and was almost done with my classes by Christmas.
Work I have been able to have my own business because of the flexible hours I could work. God has given me a great work ethic that I am proud of. It also has given me a nice sum of money!
Homework This has been great! I'm really thankful that home school doesn't include homework. I would do school and BAM it was done! No homework! That will probably change now that I am going to school. I will most likely have loads.
Family This one has not necessarily been my favorite but has been the best for me! When I say family I am wrapping a lot of stuff in that. Being home schooled has helped me work on heart issues and more importantly my relationships with my family. I know for a fact that I would not have been the same if I had gone to middle school. It was in God's great plan for me that He had my parents home school me. There has been a significant change in me! I have alot of time to spend with them and our relationships have grown closer because of it.
Vacation This is intertwined with a lot of other con's. To sum it up home schooling is not rigid. If you've had a long night you can sleep in. If your family decides to go one vacation without any notice you can just go! There is a lot of freedom in home schooling


The Con's are nowhere near as long as the Pro's but still stink...

Isolation/Friends Homeschooling can be kind of isolating. That can be a good thing in two ways. First it has helped me stay focused and on task. (I still struggle with being distracted and distracting to Madison and Jarred).
2. It keeps me away from the influences of the world and away from the peer pressure of fellow classmates. I might not have been ready to stand up for myself or for what I believe in. I might have been a follower instead of a leader.

The hardest part has been not having friends that live nearby to hang out with.


-]~W:I:L:L~[- said...

Correction: we have more homework than ANY kids our's all HOMEwork. ;P Good post, can't wait 4 more!


GraceFullMom said...

It is so encouraging to read that you recognize the Lord's hand in your life. Your sharing has been encouraging to this Mamma's heart- A bit of "light at the end of the tunnel." :)
Mrs. O