Friday, December 5, 2008


Thanksgiving at our house was very low key but wonderful! We didn't take many pictures but I did have to share Tyler's very chocolaty one!! This picture was taken after my sister blessed Tyler with a piece of chocolate pie on the face (I think he had it coming but the jury is still out on that one).

My sister and her family came over, the kids had lots of fun! My sister and I are close in age (20 months apart). This coming March I will turn 37, my sister will still be 37 until March 30th. When we were kids I was quick to let her know we were the same age and she could no longer tell me what to do, not my best moment but very true!

I see God working in our relationship, I see him helping us both grow. Kim is more than my sister, she is my sister in Christ. God is helping us to cultivate a relationship that brings glory to Him. I have to say that isn't always comfortable for me, at times- I desire my way instead of HIS! As I sat at the table with my sister and her family this Thanksgiving He graciously reminded me of the work He is doing in us. I am so very thankful for that. His care for me shows in so many ways but one of the biggest is in my relationship with my sister. I pray that God will continue to work in both of us and His will in our lives will be done! I never appreciated have an older sister as a kid, certainly not one who was right so much! My sister and I talk daily but more importantly she speaks into my life. She is still the wiser older sister, but thankfully not as bossy!

Kim I am thankful for you prayers and for your care. I am thankful that out of all the sisters in the world you are mine!

Boofy if you are reading this you know that you are the best little sister I have ever had!!

I love you both very much!


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