Thursday, March 19, 2009

This Homeschoolin' Thang

This time of year it is very easy for me, as a home school Mommy, to lose sight of why we home school. It was very clear, God determined we were to do this. I would have never, EVER, made this decision! Our family has forever been changed by His plans. The changes that would have occurred as a result of my plans would not have been good! Our family has been blessed by being obedient to God and homeschooling.

*To make sure no one is confused or fooled- God had to hit me over the head with a ton of bricks before I saw his desire and would obey (but obey I did!)*.

Academics are important, very important, but they have never been what is most important. As the end of the year draws near and testing rears "it's" head, it's easy to forget, easy to forget why we ever began. But, God is not just God of yesterday, He is God of today and tomorrow. He never fails to remind. He never fails to show what is most important and that He isn't the father of condemnation. He answers prayers! He shines His light on areas my children have grown that I might be standing too close to see. He softens little (and big) hearts. He gives us all opportunities to draw closer to Him. I am certain, for us, for our family, these changes would have taken many more years to occur (if ever) if my children were gone all day.

This is to encourage and serve as a reminder to me and to any of you who might need it.

1. We want our children to have a true and saving relationship with Christ. We want them to desire to please Him above all else.

2. We want our children to have enough knowledge and confidence of their Christian faith to share it with others.

3. We want our children to love to learn.

4. We want our children to have life skills (inside the home and out).

I pray God will be glorified in all that we do!



Colleen Moore said...

Thanks for the reminder, Dear Friend. It is the time of year when it is SO easy to forget why we do what we do...which is first and foremost to obey the Lord!

I know HE who began this good work will sustain us until HE completes it!

Yay God! =D

Victoria and Karah said...

That picture of Maddy and Harley is so cute! Hope School is going well Mrs. Crotsley!


photographer.young said...

Love the picture! Love you guys!

~Lauren E.

wcrotsley said...

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