Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Man-Boy (becoming more of a man!)

Seventeen years ago, today, you made your presence into the world. At exactly 9:43 A.M. You arrived. A screaming, chunky, red faced, white haired, ball of love. My life has never been the same!

You have become an amazing young man, and I am proud to be your mom. Tyler your love for those around you is infectious! You are a special young man, and while you are quick to point out you aren't perfect (we are aware of that!), your love for others and your heart amaze me.

God is doing a wonderful work in you! I am blessed to be here to experience all your growing pains- knowing these past seventeen years are drawing you closer to HIM and who HE wants you to be!

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GraceFullMom said...

Happy Birthday, Tyler. :) And to you as well, Shawna. It takes a lot of a Mamma to grow a man.
Love y'all-
Allie O