Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Home School Crotsley Style

There has been at least one person in our home not feeling well since Celebration. This picture was taken last week on the one day we had a reprieve.

All of our home school days do not look like this, but when attitudes are good and little ones are being focused it sure does make school a lot more fun (for all)!

One of my favorite things to do is surprise my kids with creative ways to serve their snack. They love for me to hang a towel over my arm and pretend to be a butler or maid, if I can throw in an accent all the better! Another favorite during the day is reading outside. My kids love to sit in their fort or swing on their swing while reading. Next spring I think we might work on some kind of secret garden in the back yard for all of us. I'm sure it will quickly get turned into a military base in the afternoons, we have boys and that just happens! Madison and I will have to reserve it during school hours and set boundaries early on:)!

We love being outdoors and the fall weather (fall, NOT winter- for me)! I wish all home school days looked like this, but to be honest that just doesn't work for us. The kids understand there are perks with having good attitudes and being on task, and I really love the opportunity to bless them!

Everyone is finally better in our household and I am praying whatever they were exposed to is now gone (and gone for a long time)!


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Colleen Moore said...

What I want to know is "Why are Santa hats on hand this early???" lol

Glad everyone is feeling better!